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FinPay Selected to Present its NEXT GENERATION PATIENT FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Solution at Vanguard’s 2016 Leadership Conference.

April 21, 2016 by Christopher Wolfington

By: Christopher Wolfington

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – (April 21, 2016) – FinPay, LLC, a financial technology and payments company for healthcare providers, announced that it has been selected to present at Vanguard’s Leadership 2016 Annual Officers’ Conference.  “Leading in an Uncertain Future” is the theme of this year’s conference. The objective of the conference is to expose Vanguard leadership to potential disruptive technologies, such as FinPay’s offerings in the healthcare industry.


“Considering Vanguard has been a leader in the investment community since 1975, it isn’t surprising that they are paying close attention to the massive changes taking place in the healthcare sector,” said Christopher Wolfington, FinPay’s CEO.  “Patient out-of-pocket medical expenses will surpass $400 billion this year, and most health systems are ill-equipped to efficiently adapt to this shift in financial responsibility. We are excited and proud to present our patient financial management solution to this massive problem to an organization as prestigious as Vanguard.”


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About FinPay, LLC

FinPay, LLC is a financial technology and payments company for healthcare providers, delivering comprehensive patient financial management solutions that utilize data analytics to identify common denominators of patients that create a high financial risk to healthcare providers.  FinPay develops customized financial clearance policies that target and segment patients who match the defined high-risk criteria in order to provide the financial education and payments options to increase the patients’ propensity to pay.  FinPay’s patent-pending cloud-based payment platform provides automation of all payment methods such as installment plans, consumer medical loans, grants, and traditional payments like credit/debit cards and checks.


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Christopher Wolfington, Founder & Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer - FinPay, is a business leader and entrepreneur with over 29 years of experience in consumer and financial services. Mr. Wolfington is currently living in Philadelphia, PA and continues to use his entrepreneurial talent to identify key opportunities and solutions in high growth markets.