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Coronavirus and surprise medical bills: It’s time for healthcare providers to communicate with patients about unexpected medical expenses

Since December of 2019, when the Chinese government reported the first cases of a novel coronavirus in the Hubei Province of China, COVID-19 has
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Revenue clarity in 2020, 4 Ways Hospitals Can Save Money

Take it from the politicians: healthcare is an economic issue. In fact, it’s one of the most important ones.
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Understanding the Difference Between Patient Financial Management and Revenue Cycle Management

Every healthcare executive is familiar with the term revenue cycle management (RCM), but surprisingly few know what patient financial management
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In the New Year Deductibles Reset, How Will You Prepare to Operate at a Loss?

It is almost 2020, which means a new cycle of patient delinquency for most health care organizations. As the calendar resets, so too do the health
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Best Practices of Pre-Care Patient Engagement

According to a study in the Annals of Family Medicine, the average amount of time that a doctor spent on an individual patient visit was 17.5
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Five Things You Didn't Know About Patient Financial Management

Optimal patient health is the collective goal of the healthcare industry, but in order to provide high-quality care that keeps patients healthy,
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Hahnemann Hospital Closing - The bankruptcy of Hahnemann Hospital Puts Thousands of Philadelphia’s Poorest at Risk.

It is a tragedy when an important healthcare facility serving a needy community has to shut its doors and place the lives of those it serves at risk.
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Obstacles to Healthcare Innovation

By John Ziegler (CFO)
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The Healthcare Priorities of Millennials

As the influence and presence of millennials grows throughout society in the United States, so does the importance of the healthcare industry taking
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