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Your go-to place for the latest insights on Patient Engagement and Patient Financial Management.

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Patient Financial Management (3)

a medical bill that may cause someone to take steps to avoid medical debt

3 Ways to Avoid Medical Debt

Medical debt is a growing issue that affects individuals and families across the nation. Many people struggle to pay their medical bills due to
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two business people talk over a laptop

What Are the Benefits of FinPay for Patients?

The American healthcare system is a complicated system of interlocking participants that often creates a confusing picture for the average patient.
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desk with various patient financial management props such as a calculator, money symbol, piggy bank, stacks of coins, and spreadsheets

What Is Patient Financial Management?

For many Americans, navigating the healthcare system can be daunting. The actual costs, perceived costs, or unexpected costs of the U.S. healthcare
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stethoscope lying on professional wooden desk above five golden stars symbolizing patient satisfaction and retention

How Can FinPay Help with Patient Satisfaction and Retention Rates?

The behavioral health industry is complex and highly competitive for providers regardless of specific focus. Whether your firm is dedicated to mental
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Delayed Medical Treatment: Understanding the Causes and Effects

Have you ever delayed medical treatment due to financial or other reasons? If so, you’re not alone. According to a survey by the Kaiser Family
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What Is the FinPay Pre-Care Solution?

For many people in America, the U.S. healthcare system is frustrating, overly complex, opaque, and expensive. The intersection of patients,
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How Medical Debt Can Impact Your Health

Each year, millions of Americans find themselves in a precarious financial situation due to medical debt. From rising healthcare costs to limited
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What to Do If I Can't Pay My Medical Bills?

For many Americans, the cost of healthcare can be paralyzing. Unknown costs, unexpected charges, and the general complexity and ambiguity surrounding
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What You Should Know About FinPay

FinPay offers payment solutions to maximize the payment financial experience. The healthcare experience for most Americans can be complicated and
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